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illustrator & game developer


Below is a collection of illustrations I made for various clients, projects, or simply for fun. Big projects with more detailed descriptions and links can be found by scrolling further down the page.



Personal project, 2011 - 2021

Off-stage follows young musician Alexander Van Dam on his journey towards discovering his own voice and stepping out of his big brother’s shadow.

Alex is a talented guitar player, but is not a huge fan of the punk rock world his older brother Vince lives in. Despite continued offers to play for Vince’s band Dinosaur Gardens, Alex is more interested in going the singer-songwriter route. But a lack of inspiration and confidence in his own songwriting abilities hold him back from stepping into the limelight himself – no matter how much his friend and confidante Suzanne Grotenhuis, operational director at Paradiso, pushes him to.

Will Alex ever conquer the music industry? Only time will tell...



Personal project, 2010

"Beautifully written"
"Best page layout I've seen in a long time"
"So good it makes me sick"

'Alison' is a short graphic novel about the influence that Alison Sudol's music has had on my life. This eight-page story was published through Diamond in an anthology filled with similar autobiographical stories about music and its influence on people's lives.



Work for hire, 2015 - 2021

At Yoast I draw illustrations to accompany articles and blog posts about SEO and website optimization, translating abstract and technical concepts into inviting illustrations to accompany the text, and present the ideas of the article through a metaphor.

The interesting challenge in this work is to try and find metaphors and imagery that speaks to a wide variety of cultures, as Yoast has clients all over the world. We always try to factor in ethnicity, customs and age when designing each illustration. It's a very good way to examine your own subconcious biases and influences.

Lettie Lettuce

Work for hire, 2019

Contronics, makers of the dry mist machines for the fresh produce sections of supermarkets worldwide, were looking for a way to tell their story in a different way, something that could appeal to everyone. Together we crafted Lettie, the animated story of one lettuce's journey from farm to market. It was a pleasure to work with them and I love how this project turned out.


Work for hire, 2010

ToxicSoy, or 'Special agent Pig and the case of the Toxic Soy', is the second animation I made for Monkeybizniz and Friends of the Earth International. In it, agent Pig investigates the sad truth behind the production of 'Responsible' labeled soy.

Core animation was done in After Effects in the space of one week. I developed the concept and handled all the animation, the background art was drawn by Joeri Lefevre and the music was composed by Dave van Luttervelt.

Angry Mermaid

Work for hire, 2009

For the Copenhagen climate talks of December 2009, Friends of the Earth International asked Monkeybizniz to create a viral animation for their Angry Mermaid Award. It features a mermaid (the symbol of Copenhagen) fighting against environmental injustice.

The animation was completed in two weeks. It's a little rough on the edges, but we were on a tight schedule. I did the storyboarding, design and animation of the characters, and final compositing. Background elements were made by Dimme van der Hout and Erica Gasataya, and music by Bart Delissen.

The Delicate Genius

Personal project, 2008

A little lip-syncing exercise animation inspired by the Daily Affirmation podcast episode 36 "The Delicate Genius", featuring Scott Kurtz and Kris Straub getting into an argument after certain accusations are made.

Running Man

School project, 2008

For a college assignment, we got a chunk of 12 seconds from a song (in this case Crystal Method - Keep Hope Alive) and we were free to animate whatever we wanted to it. So I drew a guy free-running across rooftops.

All hand-animated with a tablet in Flash in two days. No tracing, all done by looking at freerunning clips on Youtube for reference.


Hedgefield font

Ever wanted to letter a comic page but realised your handwriting is terrible? No worries, now you can borrow mine!

To speed up my comic-making process, I made a font of my own handwriting. It contains both uppercase and lowercase letters plus all common forms of punctuation - though no accented letters.

This font is free for personal use under a Creative Commons License. If you want to use it commercially just get in touch.


Freshpost cartoons

Work for hire, 2015

For Freshpost, a youth-centric subsidiary of The Post Online, I drew cartoons on a regular basis, making comments about something recent in the news or something that I thought was interesting or relevant. It was a fun exercise and a nice way for me to pay more attention to domestic news.



Personal project, 2007 - 2011

Dinerdate is a webcomic about a regular guy and his talking dog who hang out in a diner most of their free time. There, they get into wacky situations with the other patrons, which include a bear and a professional frenchman.

Dinerdate pretty much started on a whim, but ended up running for five years. It stopped updating in 2007.

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