About me

"I don't make games, I make opportunities for experiences."

That quote has always resonated with me. I work in various kinds of media on all sorts of projects, but if you ask me what I like to do most, it's creating memorable experiences through (interactive) storytelling.

I love stories. Stories can entertain, teach you something, evoke a certain emotion, even create a sense of place or belonging.

I value those experiences, and so I try to create relatable, engaging, educational, emotional, important, and interactive stories for others. It doesn't matter if the story is mundane or fantastical - I believe experiencing the lives of others, even if they are fictional, can enrich your own life too.



If you are looking for someone to help you visualize ideas, bring storytelling and cohesion to a project, or if you just need some pretty pictures, I am available for hire.

Things I could do for you:

  • - illustration
  • - animation
  • - game design and development
  • - design consultancy
  • - story and dialogue writing, editing
  • - concepting and pre-visualization
  • - translation
  • - etc.

Check out my resume to see where I've been doing these things heretofore.

If you have a question, an assignment, or want to find out more about my rates, expertise, availability or whatever else is on your mind, just contact me through one of the options below!