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November 2nd 2015

PC / Mac / Linux


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In Reconquista you play as an Incan rebel coming to reclaim a sacred artifact from the conquistador-infested island of Huaca, off the coast of South America. Reconquista is a narrative first-person exploration game. It is the first 3D game I've made, and I have relied heavily on the Unity Asset Store to augment my poor 3D modelling skills. A list of all the assets I used is available in the game's pause menu.


The idea for this game came to me in a dream, where I wandered around an island with incan ruins and strange figures chased me through the woods. After I woke up the experience stuck with me, and I wanted to recreate it. But I had never made a fully 3D game before, so this whole project has been a tremendous learning experience. I haven't been able to make everything exactly as I wanted it, but I'm pleased with the result, so instead of spending many more hours adding new features and gameplay I decided it's good enough to be done. Maybe in the future I will release a redux version with more gameplay. The title is actually an existing name of a medieval period where the Spanish reclaimed land that was taken from them by invaders. This was long before they themselves set sail for South America as the well-known Conquistadors, so I liked the irony of the fact that in this game you have to steal something BACK from the conquistadors. Hence, literally, RE-conquista.


  • A spooky island to explore on a stormy night.
  • Full body awareness.
  • Some environmental storytelling to draw your own conclusions from.
  • A shiny artefact to steal.
  • Lots of blue and purple hues.





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Reconquista Credits

Tim Hengeveld
Game designer, terrain sculptor, tree hugger, code monkey

A bunch of lovely Unity Asset Store creators
A detailed list of assets used and their creators is available in the pause menu of the game.

presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks